1995, Cilt 11, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 059-064
Single and Combination Effects of Dietary Aflatoxin and Adsorbent (Mycofix® Plus) on Certain Hacmatologic and Serum Biochemical Parameters of Broiler Chicken
Tufan Keçeci1, Ömer Demet2, Halis Oğuz2
1S. Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi, Fizyoloji Anabilim Dalı, KONYA
2S.Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi, Farmakoloji ve Toksikoloji Anabilim Dalı, KONYA
Keywords: Anatoxin, adsorbent (Mycofix® Plus), some biochemical blood parameters, haematological values
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This study was carried out to investigate the effect of aflatoxin (produced by Aspergillus parasiticus NRRL 2959 on rice), that was added alone and its combination with adsorbent (Mycofix® Plus, based polyviniylpolypyrrohdone active matter), on some biochemical and haematological parameters in day-old sixty male broiler chicks (hybro) For this purpose, the animals, which were divided into lour groups, were provided with feed and water for ad libitum consumption from 1 to 21 days ol age The experimental design consisted of four dietary treatments in the feed of the groups: a) Control with 0 mg of aflatoxin (AF). 0 g of adsorbent per kg of diet, b) 3.0 g of absorbent per kg of diet, c) 2.5 mg of AF per kg of diet, d) 2.5 mg of AF per kg of diet plus 3.0 g of adsorbent per kg diet. At the end of the experiment, 7 chicks Irom group led adsorbent, and 10 chicks from others were bled and their blood samples were collected. In these samples; treatments-related changes in haemalotogical (red blood cells, white blood cells and thrombocytes counts, hemoglobin amount, hematocrit values, erythrocyte sedimentation rate at 1st. 2nd and 24th hours, lymphocytes, heterophils. monocytes, basophiles and eosinophiles s percentages) and serum biochemical values (glucose, total cholesterol, uric acid and total protein levels) were observed. When compared with the control, serum total cholesterol and uric add levels, thrombocyte counts, hemoglobin amount, hematocrit values, lymphocytes and basophiles percentages were significantly reduced in the chicks fed AF. Also, heterophites percentages of the animals fed AF were higher values than control ones (P<0.05). Whereas, between the parameters of control chicks and the animals fed AF plus adsorbent, there was no significant differences (P>0.05). Based on results, if was concluded that adsorbent used in this experiment was effective agent in restoration of the parameters, that were altered by AF in chicks.