pISSN:1309 - 6958       eISSN:2146 - 1953
2007, Cilt 23, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 067-070
Morphology of end-branches of aorta abdominalis in chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)
Aysun Çevik-Demirkan1, Vural Özdemir1, İsmail Türkmenoğlu1, İbrahim Demirkan2
1Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi, Veteriner Fakültesi, Anatomi Anabilim Dalı, AFYONKARAHİSAR
2Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi, Veteriner Fakültesi, Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı, AFYONKARAHİSAR
Keywords: Anatomy, abdominal aorta, chinchilla
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Macro-anatomic structure of end-branches of aorta abdominalis in chinchilla was examined in this study. Five healthy, adult chinchilla obtained from the Experimental Animal Unit of Afyon Kocatepe University. After injecting latex, that coloured with red ink, into the arteria carotis communis, dissection was carried out under a loop. Arteria iliaca communis, arteria iliaca externa and arteria iliaca interna, and arteria sacralis mediana were examined. The end-branch of arteria abdominalis was divided into two divisions as arteria iliaca communis dexter and sinister. These branches were further divided into two branches as arteria iliaca externa and interna. Arteria umbilicalis became a ligament that was originated from arteria iliaca externa. Arteria abdominalis caudalis rooted from arteria iliaca externa in 2 cadavers but it was not the case in 3 cadavers. Arteria sacralis mediana originated from aorta abdominalis in 2 cadavers whereas it originated from arteria iliaca communis sinister in 3 cadavers.