1987, Cilt 3, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 109-119
Postmortem studies on macroscopic lesions of the genital organs as to bovine infertility
Dursun Ali DİNÇ, Mehmet GÜLER
S. Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi, Doğum ve Reprodüksiyon Hastalıkları Bilim Dalı, Konya
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A total of 1695 bovine reproductive tracts immediately obtained from the slaughtered animals in Konya Meat Combine was examined macroscopically. Of these, 420 cows (24.78 %) were found to be pregnant, 1275 cows (75.22 %) were nonpregnant. 238 pregnancy cases (56.66 %) have taken place in the right horn of uterus, 182 cases (43.34 %) were in the left side. Some minor pathological lesions were observed in 5 cases (0.30 %) of the pregnant cows as well as in 108 cases (6.37 %) of the nonpregnant ones.

The most frequently identified lesions were the follicular cysts (2.90 %) in the genital organs. These abnormalities were more frequent in the winter season. Tuberculosic lesions of the genital organs were recorded in a ra te of 0.35 %. Although, in one case, the hidrosalpinx and severe ova- bursa! adhesions in the right ovarium were present, a 30-35 day old foetus was seen in the left horn of uterus. Beyond that, two 5 months old mummified foetus and a twin pregnancy were encountered.