pISSN:1309 - 6958       eISSN:2146 - 1953
1994, Cilt 10, Sayı 1-2, Sayfa(lar) 004-008
(Monitoring of the luteolytic effect of a reduced dose of cloprostenol applications by estrus signs and plasma progesterone levels in cows.)
Tevfik Tekeli1, Melih Aksoy1, Semin Özsar2, Bülent Güven2, Kenan Çoyan1, Ahmet Semacan1, Muhammed Alan3
1S.Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi Doğum ve Rep. Hast. Anabilim Dalı, Konya
2T.A.E.K. Lalahan Hayvancılık Nükleer Araştırma Merkezi, Ankara
3Y.Y.Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi, Doğum ve Rep, Hast. Anabilim Dalı, Van
Keywords: Cows, Reduced cloprosterol doses, Luteolysis, Progesteron
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In this study, the effectiveness of a reduced dose of cloprostenol injected by inlravutvo-submucosal route was evaluated for estrus induction and luteolysis in cows. The study was carried out on 43 Brown Swiss cows, age ranging 3 to 5 years old. Firstly, allcows were injected 500 mcg of cloprostenol by intramuscular route. On the 11 th. day, cows in the first group (n: 38). Were reinjected 125 mcg of cloprostenol by intravulvo submucosal route and the remaining cows ir, the second group (n:5) were administered an injection of 500 meg cloprostenol intramusculary. Blood samples to determine the plasma progesterone levels were collected on the day of second injection and four days thereafter from 9 and 5 cows in the first and second groups, respectively.

According to the obtained results; estrus rates in first and second groups were 26.3 and 100 %, respectively. On the basis of the 7 cows inseminated in the first group, pregnancy rate was 57.1 %. Progesterone levels of the cows in the first group decreased after the second injection. Although a slight decrease in progesterone levels was monitored in the cows with no luteal regression, it was never below 1 ng/ml. The progesterone levels of the cows in the first group with luteolysis showed a sharp decline compared to the control group.

As a result, application of 125 meg of cloprostenol injection into vulvar sub mucosa induced estrus and luteolysis in cows. It was concluded that the higher doses of cloprostenol administrations by intravufvo-submucosal injections may provide better results in cows.