2020, Cilt 36, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 193-198
Quality classification of alfalfa hays according to protein and fiber contents
Fatma İnal1, Behiç Coşkun2, Mustafa Selçuk Alataş1, Oğuzhan Kahraman1, Abdullah Özbilgin3
1Selçuk University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritionial Disease, Konya, Turkey
2Food and Agriculture University, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Konya, Turkey
3Cumhuriyet University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritionial Disease, Sivas, Turkey
Keywords: Alfalfa hay, crude protein, fiber, quality
Aim: This study was made to determine the quality classification of alfaalfa hays produced in Turkey according to their protein and fiber levels and use in national feed tables.

Materials and Methods: The nutrient analysis results of 210 alfalfa hays were used.

Results: The crude protein (CP) levels in the dry matter (DM) ranged from 8,79 to 22,96%, with an average of 16,83%. The mean of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) level was 47,25% (28,39-69,30%) and the acid detergent fiber (ADF) level was 37,01% (22,76-52,57%). According to the CP, 6 quality classes were created. Alfalfa hays containing more than 21% CP were considered as 1st quality, 19-21% as 2nd, 17-19% as 3rd, 15-17% as 4th, 13-15% as 5th, and less than 13% CP as 6th quality. It was seen that about 23% of the samples were in 3rd quality range, 26% in 4th, 19% in 5th and only 9,5% of samples were in 1st quality range. It was determined that ADF (r = -0,67) could be used for quality classification when the correlations between CP and NDF or ADF were examined. In the quality classification of 1st to 6th, it was found that for ADF, the classification from 1st to 6th would be <28%, 28-32%, 32-37%, 37-41%, 41-46% and >46%, respectively. When alfalfa hays evaluated according to the average protein, energy and fiber levels, all samples were found in 4th quality.

Conclusion: Cultivation of extra leafy alfalfa in country, revision of drying methods and reduction of leaf loss should be emphasized.

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