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• Initial Evaluation Process and Plagiarism screening

Articles submitted to Eurasian Journal of Veterinary Science are first evaluated by the editors and field editors. At this stage, articles with inappropriate scope and purpose, low original research value, scientific and ethical errors, low potential to contribute to science and the journal, poor language and expression are rejected by the editor without being subjected to the review process. Eurasian Journal of Veterinary Science enforces publication ethics and verifies the originality of submitted content before publication and checks all submitted articles for plagiarism / self-plagiarism, similarity and duplication. All submitted articles are meticulously scanned by a similarity detection software (maximum %20) (iThenticatebyCrossCheck). The initial evaluation process takes a maximum of 3 weeks.

Preliminary Evaluation Process

Articles deemed suitable for editorial evaluation are sent to the design editors to be evaluated in terms of compliance with the journal's writing rules, to the foreign language editor in terms of language, and to the statistics editor in terms of statistical methods. After these stages, each article is directed to the field editor related to the article category to be examined in terms of scientific competence. The field editors review the article in all aspects and report their decisions (revision or peer-review) to the editor-in-chief. This stage takes approximately 1 month.

• Peer-review Process

Double-blind peer-review process is applied to the articles that have completed the preliminary evaluation process. The suggestions of the field editors are primarily taken into consideration in the assignments of the reviewer. In addition, reviewers registered in the reviewer pool of the journal may also be asked for evaluation. At least 2 reviewers are assigned for peer review. Depending on the evaluation process, the opinion of more reviewers may be needed. At this stage, the reviewers convey their decision about the article (rejection, correction or acceptance) to the field editor. If a reviewer's rejection decision reflects ethical issues or negativity based on sufficient review and evidence about the scientific content and accuracy of the article, this decision is checked by the editor-in-chief and managing editor and communicated to the authors regardless of the decisions of other reviewers. The time given to reviewers to evaluate an article is ~4 weeks.

• Publication Process of an Article

After the initial and preliminary evaluation process is completed, the total evaluation period of an article that has been completed at the peer-review stage takes 45-90 days. The articles that have completed the field editorial and peer review stages and have been accepted by the editorial office are sent to the corresponding author for final checks and necessary final additions. After acceptance, the article designed in accordance with the publication format of the journal is given a DOI number and published on the Article in Press page. When it is time to publish the periodical issue of the journal, a new issue is created from among the articles kept on the Article in Press page, taking into account the submission date. It takes 4-6 months for the article to be published with a page number.