2011, Cilt 27, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 067-071
Cytopathologic studies in sheep pneumonias
Ertan Oruç
Department of Pathology, Veterinary Faculty, Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey
Keywords: Sheep, pneumonia, cytology, histopathology
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Aim: Aim was to investigate the exfoliation characters of sheep pneumonias by the comparison of histopathologic and cytopathologic results.

Materials and Methods: Fine needle aspiration smears obtained from 5 healthy and 65 pneumonic sheep lungs showing catarrhal, purulent, fibrinous, interstitial and verminous lesions were stained with Papanicolau EA 65 and May-Grunwald Giemsa and compared to histopathologic sections.

Results: When compared cytolopathologic and histopathologic findings, it was observed that macrophages and neutrophile leucocytes increased in catarrhal, purulent, verninous and fibrinous pneumonias; eosinophile leucocytes increased in verminous pneumonias together with neutrophils and lymphocytes increased in interstitial pneumonia.

Conclusions: Cytopathologic examinations of lung smears prepared from pneumonic lungs were found remarkable for the prediagnosis of sheep pneumonias, especially, in verminous and interstitial, and the increased macrophages and neutrophile leucocytes counts were found considerable but not determinative for the differantiaton of pneumonia type in sheep.