pISSN:1309 - 6958       eISSN:2146 - 1953
2006, Cilt 22, Sayı 3-4, Sayfa(lar) 075-077
Some Haematological Parameters in Sheep Infested with Coenurus cerebralis and Oestrus ovis
Nurcan Dönmez1, Uğur Uslu2, Banu Atalay1
1Selçuk Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi, Fizyoloji Anabilim Dalı, KONYA
2Selçuk Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi, Parazitoloji Anabilim Dalı, KONYA
Keywords: C. cerebralis, O. ovis, Haematological parameters
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This study was conducted to determine somo haematological parameters of sheep infested with C. cerebralis and O. ovis. In the study, 10 sheep as control, 10 sheep infested with C.cerebralis and 10 sheep infested with O. ovis were used. In blood samples taken from all groups, erythrocyte and leukocyte counts, haemoglobine levels, haematocrit value, sedimentation rate, erythrocyte indexes and differential leucocyte counts were determined. Leucocyte count, monocytes percent and sedimentation rate were significiantly higher in coenurosis group than control group's levels. There is no difference between groups in erythrocyte, haemoglobine, haematocrit, MCV, MCH and MCHC levels. The sedimentation rate and monocyte percent were significiantly higher in O. ovis infested group than control. The other parameters were similar in two groups and in normal range for healthy sheep.