2011, Cilt 27, Sayı 4, Sayfa(lar) 223-226
Status of infectious bursal disease in broilers
M. Bashir Uddin1, Nur Alam2, Mohammad Atikuzzaman1, M. Mukter Hossain1
1Department of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bangladesh
2Intern student, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Keywords: Prevalence, broiler, Nilphamari district, Bangladesh
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Aim: The present study was conducted to determine prevalence, mortality, morbidity and pathological changes of infectious bursal disease (IBD) in broilers in Nilphamari district of Bangladesh.

Materials and Methods: Fifty broiler farms of Nilphamari district were suspected for IBD. Study was carried out during the period of May 9 to June 17, 2010. The major macroscopic pathological lesions observed in this study were hemorrhages on thigh and breast muscles, kidneys were found swollen and principal lesions were in the bursa of Fabricious which appeared inflamed, edematous, hyperemic and finally hemorrhagic and atrophied.

Results: Total prevalence, mortality and morbidity rates were 8.42, 6.38% and 1.37%, respectively. Four weeks old broilers were highly susceptible to IBD (44%) followed by 3rd week (26%) and 5th week (24%) and no clinical case was found positive for IBD in first two weeks of age.

Conclusion: This study will stimulate our interest and throw new light on the level of disease episodes prevailing at present in the Nilphamari district of Bangladesh.