2010, Cilt 26, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 051-055
Evaluation of post-thaw quality of Brown-Swiss and Holstein bull semen diluted with different extenders
Serpil Sariozkan1, Purhan Barbaros Tuncer2, Mustafa Numan Bucak2, Serhat Buyukleblebici2, Huseyin Kinet2, Ali Bilgen2
1Erciyes University, Safiye Cikrikcioglu Vocational College, Kayseri, Turkey
2Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Lalahan Livestock Central Research Institute, Ankara, Turkey
Keywords: Bull semen, cryopreservation, extender, membrane integrity, seminal parameters
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Aim: To evaluate post-thaw guality of Brown-Swiss and Holstein bull semen diluted with different extenders.

Materials and Methods: Ejaculates obtained from Holstein (n=36) and Brown-Swiss (n=36) bulls were divided into three aliquots and diluted with Tris-based, Optidyl® and Bioxcell® extenders, respectively. Thereafter they were frozen and thawed following a standard protocol. The effectiveness of freezing extenders was assessed according to postthaw sperm motility, acrosomal and total abnormalities and plasma membrane integrity.

Results: With respect to Holstein bull semen, the highest percentages of sperm subjective (p<0.01), CASA progressive (p<0.001), and CASA motility (p<0.001) were found in semen diluted with Optidyl®. Optidyl® extender also provided best protection in terms of acrosome and plasma membrane integrity compared to other extenders (p<0.001). For motility motion including VAP, VSL and LIN values, the highest values were obtained from Optidyl and Tris (p<0.05). With respect to, the lowest percentages of post-thaw subjective (p<0.01), CASA motility (p<0.001) and membrane integrity (p<0.001) were obtained in the semen samples diluted with Bioxcell®. The percentage of progressive motility was found to be higher in Optidyl® than Bioxcell® (p<0.01). The highest percentages of acrosomal and total abnormalities were found in semen diluted with Bioxcell and Tris extenders. The highest ALH value was obtained from Optidyl® extender compared to the other groups (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Optidyl® extender may be preferred rather than Bioxcell® or Tris + egg yolk extenders for freezing the Holstein and Brown-Swiss bull semen.