2024, Cilt 40, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 088-092
Partial Tibial Neurectomy for Treatment of Spastic Paresis in a Simmental Calf
Fahrettin Alkan*, Nuriza Zamirbekova, Hilmican Ergin, Selman Pulat, Yilmaz Koc
Selçuk University, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Selcuk University, Konya, Türkiye
Keywords: Calf, spastic paresis, partial neurectomy
Spastic paresis is a progressive neuromuscular disease that usually occurs in calves at the age of 3-5 months. The material of this study was a 3.5-monthold female Simmental calf, weighing 87 kg, brought to Selcuk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Hospital in May 2023 with a complaint of lameness in the right hind leg. Clinical examination revealed contraction and hyperextension in the right hind limb of the calf. There was no swelling or pain in the tarsal or genu joints or other anatomical regions. Radiological examination showed no evidence of degenerative joint disease. A diagnosis of progressive spastic paresis was made on the basis of the clinical findings. Partial neurectomy of the tibial nerve was made to treat the calf with spastic paresis. A 15 cm incision was made over the semimembranous and gluteobiceps muscles to access the area. The tibial nerve innervating the gastrocnemius muscles was then identified and a 1 cm section was resected. This de-innervated the gastrocnemius muscles of the limb and the weight was transferred to the flexor digitorum superfisialis. Postoperatively, the patient was treated with antibiotics and analgesics. In conclusion; in the case of spastic paralysis, pain and contractions related to muscle spasms disappeared after the partial tibial neurectomy operation and the life welfare of the calf increased.
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